Giovanna Summo
Giovanna Summo

Project "Improvisation in Music and Dance" comes from 1990, when Sergey Letov has appeared in Noci, Italy at the European Jazz festival in multimedia-project "Fable" (Favola) Vittorino and Enrico Fazio. In the project Favola took part famous Italian dancer Giovanna Summo, who introduced Sergei Letov in the world of modern dance. Hereinafter Sergei Letov has organized performances "Improvisation in Music and Dance", possessing specific structure, in Moscow, Vologda, Nijny Novgorod in 1991-1993. In the project participated Italian dancers of the company "Sosta palmizi" Giovanna Summo and Anna Paola Bakalov, Russian dancers Oleg Soulimenko, Alexander Likin, musicians Vladislav Makarov, Youry Parfenov, Alexander Alexandrov, Edward Sivkov, Mikhail Yudenitch, Mark Zabezhinsky, Oleg Lipatov, Heinz-Erich Goedecke (Germany).
Project was continued in 1995-1996 with participation of American viola and violin player LaDonna Smith in Vinnitsa (Ukraine), Chattanooga (Tennessee). In the project took part American dancers Cari Martin-Roussanoff and Avery Warren.

Recently Sergey Letov collaborates with the modern dancers Asya Belaya, Alena Smirnitskaya, Natasha Cheban, Vassiliy Yushchenko, Andrei Andrianov, butoh dancer Hisako Horikawa (Japan).

Photo - Inna Schwartz recites text by Jean Baudrillard and Sergey Letov follows her by iBook

Preview of the dance performance "Every Your Breath or 7 Characters in Search of Editor " at Vladimir Lupovskoy's Photo exhibition in Zverevsky Center of Modern Art - Spheric panorama in QTVR

Photo - Inna Schwartz recites text by Jean Baudrillard and Sergey Letov follows her by iBook

December 4, 2011 14:00-15:00 and 17:00-18:00 Sakyu-Kan, Niigata, Japan - Performances with the buto dancer Hisako Horikawa and Masami Suzuki (soprano sax, clarinet), Jun Kawasaki (double bass)

Anna Koblova and Sergey Letov (Roland Aerophone AE10, flute). Suzdal, Vladimir region

Modern Dance projects and collaborations

Djellaba, Macintosh and The Naked Body: naked dancers and Body Art

Danсe-DO Theatre: Natalia Cheban, Alena Smirnitskaya, Andrey Andrianov (butoh dance)

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State Museum of Fine Arts, Greek Hall, Moscow:

  • Sergei Letov - Alto flute and flute, kurai, Akai EWI 4000s, xaphoon, Boss Loop Station RC-3
  • VJ Kirsan
  • Ulyana Yegorova - dance

Хисако Хорикава и Сергей Летов в Японии Ниигата 2016