Alexandr Alexandrov

Alexandr Alexandrov

bassoon, composer

Mr. Alexandrov plays in TRI"O" since 1989 (tour on Switzerland in 1994).
Together with Moscow Composers Orchestra he made a tour in Lithuania, Germany in 1994.
Musik Triennale. Koln, 1994, Varna Summer International Festival, 1995, Europa Jazz festival in Noci, Italy, 1995, Bolzano Jazz festival 1995, Tampere Jazz Happening - 1996, London Unsong festival, Queen Elisabeth Hall, 1996, SKIIF New York, The Knitting Factory, 1997
Since 1990 Yury Parfenov plays in "Embryo"
1998 - tour over Germany and Austria with TRI-O. SKIIF (Sergey Kuryokhin International Interdisciplinary Festival) in New York
December 1999 - the last jazz transmission of Millenium at West Deutsche Rundfunk (WDR, Cologne) - with TRI-O, Mal Waldron, Jean Lee, Blixa Bargeld, Roman Bunka, concerts with TRI-O in Munich.
2001 - Alexandr Alexandrov with TRI-O at Jazz on the Beach, Raahe, Finland
2005 - Alexandr Alexandrov with TRI-O at Nice Russian Culture Festival, France

2006 - London Jazz Festival - with Moscow Composers Orchestra
2007 - festival UNCOOL-2007 at Val Poschiavo, Switzerland with Moscow Composers Orchestra, concert in Linz, Austria with TRI-O + Vlad Makarov + Sainkho Namchylak

Since 2011 - trio with Maxim Amelin and Sergey Letov





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  1. Have been Lenin in Lvov? 001 CD
    TRI-O (S. Letov, A. Alexandrov, Yu. Parfenov) + Yury Yaremchuk. Open air live concert in Lvov.
  2. TRI-O Radioactivity. 008 CD.
    TRI-O live concert (Letov, Alexandrov, Parfenov) at Architect House, Moscow November, 27 1999. Recorded by Radio Russia for European Radio Union. 
  3. TRI-O. Mickey Mouse - kaputt! 032 CD