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is a series of CD-Rs, created by Sergey Letov.

All the discs are manufactured at home by means of CD-writer Yamaha 8824S or Pioneer DVR-109, mainly for collection's in a small number of copies. Covers and labels are printed by means of color jet printer

TRI-O: Had been Lenin in Lvov? CD-R Cover

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Had been Lenin in Lvov? 001 CD

TRI-O (Sergey Letov, Àlexandr Alexandrov, Yury Parfenov) + Yury Yaremchuk. Concert in Lvov at Italian Yard.

  1. Like the Moving of Seasons (Sergey Letov - Àlexandr Alexandrov)
  2. Lenin in Zurich (Sergey Letov)
  3. Semipalatinsk (Sergey Letov - Yury Parfenov)
  4. Had been Lenin in Lvov? (Sergey Letov - Yury Yaremchuk)
  5. Pentagramma (Sergey Letov)
  6. Participial Verse(Àlexandr Alexandrov)
  7. Rain man (Àlexandr Alexandrov - Sergey Letov - Yury Parfenov - Yury Yaremchuk)

Sergey Letov - leader, baritone and soprano saxophones, flute, alto flute, piccolo swanee-whistle
Alexandr Alexandrov - bassoon
Yury Parfenov - trumpet, pocket cornet
Yury Yaremchuk - clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano and tenor saxophones
Recorded live at concert at Italian Yard, Lvov 15.6.97
Digital mastering - Andrei Nazarov
Cover Design by Galina Popova
According to researches by TRI-O, local people in Lvov are sure that Vladimir Ilyich Lenin sectretley vizited Lvov in 1914. Special thanks to the magician - rain man who provided weather condition of the concert.

to buy the CD-R one could send e-mail to Sergey Letov