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is a series of CD-Rs, created by Sergey Letov.

All the discs are manufactured at home by means of CD-writer Yamaha 8824S or Pioneer DVR-109, mainly for collection's in a small number of copies. Covers and labels are printed by means of color jet printer

Nesterov, Yaremchuk and Letov at Italian Yard, Lvov

Russian-Ukrainian Project. "Chudova Muzyka"

Concert in Lvov at Italian Yard 010 CD

  • Sergey Letov - soprano and baritone saxophones
  • Alexandr Nesterov - MIDI-guitar
  • Yury Yaremchuk - saxophones tenor and soprano, clarinet

total duration 80'

Recorded live at concert in Italian Yard, Lvov 12.05.1996

Sound Engineer Vladimir Svatenko

Special Thanks to Vadim Kazakov


to buy the CD-R one could send e-mail to Sergey Letov