Russian-Ukrainian Project

Russian-Ukrainian Project: Sergey Letov, Alexandr Nesterov, Yury Yaremchuk

Sergei Letov - soprano and baritone saxophones, bass-clarinet, flutes

Alexander Nesterov - MIDI-guitar

Youry Yaremtchouk - soprano and tenor saxophones, clarinet

International project in the field of improvised music. Besides Sergey Letov (Moscow) in the trio participated Alexander Nesterov (Kiev) and Youry Yaremtchouk (Lvov). The group was founded in the December 1992 and performed in 90-s. Trio appeared in the Kiev, Moscow, Lvov, Petersburg ("Open Music Festival"), Vilnius (jazz club and jazz festival), at the jazz festival in Arkhangelsk (with Valentina Ponomareva and Oleg Lipatov). Music of RUSSIAN-UKRAINIAN PROJECT was a balance of compositions and free improvisation in duos and trio.



  1. Russian-Ukrainian Project. Open air live concert in Lvov. (S. Letov, Alexandr Nesterov, Y.Yuryremchuk) 010 CD
  2. Russian-Ukrainian Project. ARKHANGEL'SK'95 011 CD
    Jazz festival' live performance (Alexandr Nesterov, Yury Yaremchuk, S. Letov, Valentina Ponomareva, Oleg Lipatov)
  3. Russian-Ukrainian Project. Total Expansion (S. Letov, O. Lipatov, A. Nesterov, Yu. Yaremchuk). Recorded at Mosocw studio 018 CD
Russian-Ukrainian Project: Sergey Letov, Alexandr Nestarov, Yury Yaremchuk