Malevich Project

Photos of paticipants of Malevich Project

Line Up :

Sergey Letov - Saxophones, leader

Tatyana Bondarenko - vocal

Alevtina Popova - vocal

Sergey Proskurin - double bass

Galina Popova - costumes

The project was created by Sergey Letov and Galina Popova to the date of celebration of 123- Anniversary of Russian Avantgarde Painter and Theorist of Art Kazimir Malevich at the Cultural Centre DOM in Moscow. The conception of the Project based on idea of Moscow Artist Anna Koleichuk about relation of Malevich's Suprematism and Russian Traditional Costume. The Russian actresses and singers Tatyana Bondarenko and Alevtina Popova, bass player Sergey Proskurin , modelier Galina Popova , and American guest soloist Arcady P. Freeman (Arkady Petrovich Kirichenko, bass trumpete, vocal) took part in the first performance of Malevich project. Later took part also trumpeter Yury Parfenov.


Malevich Project in costumes cut from the hand made paper of Igor Zadera . Author of the costumes - Galina Popova

Suprematistic Project