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'TABU' by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau

Live stage music for the silent movie

Vlad Bystrov - saxophone, piano, electronics, Alto Clarinet, Akai EWI 4000, D-clarinet, (Germany)

Sergey Letov - C-Melody saxophone, flute, Yamaha WX-5/Yamaha VL70, electronics

TABU (1931). Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau

The movie with the live stage music by Vlad Bystrov and Sergey Letov was shown in Yekaterinburg, Moscow (2015) under comission by Goethe-Institute, Yekaterinburg bureau.

TABU, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, 1931. TABU
Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. TABU. TABU: Professor
Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. TABU. TABU: Professor

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