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Metropolis by Fritz Lang (1927)

Live stage music for the silent film

Sergey Letov - saxophones, flutes, bass clarinet, electronics

Alexei Borisov - elecronics

Alexandr Alexandrov - bassoon


Dietrich Eichmann - piano

Metropolis by Fritz Lang


The composer Dietrich Eichmann. Interview for No√ęsis in Cheboksary

Next Performance:

Metropolis in Bubo Tutor

February 25, 2017 20.00 Moscow. BOBO Tutor & Gastropub (Rozhdestvenka 12/1). Music by Alexei Borisov, Alexandr Alexandrov and Sergey Letov

Metropolis by Fritz Lang

'Silent Movie - Live Music' Projects by Sergey Letov

Metropolis on Ulyanovsk, 2012
Alexei Borisov, Dietrich Eichmann and Sergey Letov in Ulyanovsk, 2012. Metropolis