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'Interplanetary Revolution' by Nikolay Khodatayev, Zenon Komissarenko, Yuriy Merkulov

Live stage music for the silent cartoon (Russia, 1924, 8')

Interplanetary Revolution

Music by

Sergey Letov/Vladimir Goloukhov/Vladimir Kitlyar trio

Sergey Letov - Akai EWI 4000s, Dave Smith Evolver, Shruthi-1, PL-2, Yamaha WX-5, Yamaha VL70-m

Vladimir Goloukhov - (MIDI-vibraphone malletKAT or) keyboard

Vladimir Kitlayr - Thereminvox


Sergey Letov - flutes, saxophone, electronics

Olga Nosova - drums, percussion, vocal, electronics


Sergey Letov - saxophone, Aerophone AE10

Vlady Bystrov - piano, alto clarinet, soprano saxophone, electronics

It was presented for the first time at Jewish Museums and Tolerance Center on June 17, 2014 in Moscow

The film with Sergey Letov' music was demonstrated at Moscow, Brussels and Brunswick (Gremany).


Interplanetary-Revolution Mercury
Interplanetary Revolution by Nikolay Khodatayev, Zenon Komissarenko, Yuriy Merkulov

Sergey Letov and Vlady Bystrov play live soundtrack for 'Interplanetary Revolution' at Roter Saal, Braunschweig, Germany, 2018

Vlad Bystrov - piano

Sergey Letov - tenor saxophone

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'Silent Movie - Live Music' Projects by Sergey Letov

Christoph Seelinger schildert seine Eindrücke vom Stummfilmfestival DAS KINO DER 20ER JAHRE ZWISCHEN KLASSIK UND AVANTGARDE in '35mm-Retrofilmmagazin' 2019/02 (PDF)