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A Sixth Part of the World by Dziga Vertov (1926, USSR)

«A Sixth Part of the World» by Dziga Vertov. Poster

Live stage music for the silent movie (74')

Music for the film was created by Sergei Letov and Vladimir Goloukhov under commission by Center of Avanguard on Shabolovka and for the first time presented on December 19, 2014. The film with Sergey Letov solo live music performance was demonstrated at Brussels on 10 of November 2017

Photo of the performance by Oleg Danilovich

A Sixth Part of the World by Dziga Vertov. Letov and Goloukhov. Photo  by Oleg Danilovich

                                                                                                              Photo by Oleg Danilovich

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Cycle de concerts/projections sur la Révolution soviétique

Soviet silent films at Styx Brussels, music by Sergey Letov

November 10, 2017 21.45 Brussels, Belgium, Cinema Theatre STYX (Rue de l'Arbre Bénit 72, 1050 Ixelles tel. 0485 74 25 38). ' La Sixième Partie du monde / Sixth Part of the World' by Dziga Vertov (1926, 74 minutes) English subtitles. Live music by Sergey Letov (Russia)

'Silent Movie - Live Music' Projects by Sergey Letov