is a series of CD-Rs, created by Sergey Letov.

All the discs are manufactured at home by means of CD-writer Yamaha 8824S or Pioneer DVR-109, mainly for collection's in a small number of copies. Covers and labels are printed by means of color jet printer


Concert in Armstrong club, Tyumen, April 2002.029 CD

Sax-Mafia project was created under initiative of Eduard Sivkov

Recorded live at concert in Armstrong club, Tyumen 24.04.2002

Digital mastering - Sergey Letov

Cover Design by Galina Popova


  1. 5/4 (Eduard Sivkov)

  2. Latino (Sergey Letov)

  3. I Don’t Know (Nikolay Roubanov)

  4. Jacques Roux theme from musicle Marat and De Sade (Sergey Letov)

  5. Personalia (Sergey Letov - Nikolay Roubanov - Eduard Sivkov)

  6. Like the Moving of Seasons (Sergey Letov)

  7. Ab (Nikolay Roubanov)

  8. Terrorism from musicle Marat and De Sade (Sergey Letov)

  9. LYKO (Nikolay Roubanov)

  10. (Eduard Sivkov)

  11. Charlotte Corday Blues from musicle Marat and De Sade (S ergey Letov)

  12. Pentagramma (Sergey Letov)