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is a series of CD-Rs, created by Sergey Letov.

All the discs are manufactured at home by means of CD-writer Yamaha 8824S or Pioneer DVR-109, mainly for collection's in a small number of copies. Covers and labels are printed by means of color jet printer

Oleg Garkusha and Sergey Letov. Hamburg. Pentagramma

Oleg Garkusha and Sergey Letov in Hamburg. CD 037

Oleg Garkusha and Sergey Letov
at the Cultural Center CVJM, Hamburg 6 of August 2002

Oleg Garkusha - readings from the book Common Boy
Sergey Letov - soprano and tenor saxophones, flute, alto flute, shakuhachi, swanee whistle, nei and o. flutes
graphics - Aliosha Blau
mastering and design - Sergey Letov

to buy the CD-R one could send e-mail to Sergey Letov