The Haunted Castle (Schloss Vogelöd). Russian page
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The Haunted Castle (Schloss Vogelöd)

Music for the silent movie

Vlad Bystrov/Sergey Letov duo ("The Haunted Castle (Schloss Vogelöd)" soundtrack)

Vlad Bystrov - alto clarinet, alto saxophone, piano, prepared piano

Sergey Letov - bass clarinet, bass flute, soprano recorder, sopranino saxophone, Roland Aerophone AE10G and Roland Aeropone AE30

The soundtrack was done under comission for the performance cycle "Russian Revolurion in German cinema" at State Center of Modern Art in Arsenal, Kremlin

The first performance - January 29, 2022 3 p.m. Nizhny Novgorod, Russia - Kremlin, Arsenal

Next Performance:


'Silent Movie - Live Music' Projects by Sergey Letov