CHRONOPOLIS by Piotr Kamler

Live stage improvized music for the cartoon (Poland, France, 1982, 52') by Sergei Letov and his friends

CHRONOPOLIS by Piotr Kamler
CHRONOPOLIS by Piotr Kamler

Sergey Letov/Vladimir Goloukhov duo

Kamler's greatest feature-length film. A philosophical tale about time and poetic relations of a lost alpinist, a romantic moment of happiness. A research expedition, probably from the Earth, reaches a monumental city-planet Chronopolis. Their citizens are planning to stand the expedition in the way… It took Kamler four years to complete the film. He thus recalls his work on the project: "I composed the image from numerous elements, which I later put one on another as if in spatial cut, or I put them together in more classic cut. All those elements I had on a film tape and stored in a sort of an archive, from which I could later take particular fragments in the process of composing the images."
At Animator 2013 an abridged version of the film "Chronopolis" was presented.

Phe project was commisioned by the VI International Festival ANIMATOR in Poznan, Poland and was presented on 17th of July, 2013.

Sergey Letov/Oleg Sharr Duo

Technical rider:

microphone on the stand

+ 5 jack inputs


keyboard stand


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