At 9pm After Lockdown

At 9pm After Lockdown. Olesya Rostovskaya -Theremin, Vladimir Goloukhov - MIDI-vibraphone, Sergey Letov - wind synthesizers



At 9 P. M. After Lockdown. (Theremin, Electric Saxophone, Electric Vibraphone) - streaming services

HiFiCritic Magazine: The tracks here, while unusual, set up fascinating rhythms and soundscapes, and more than justify repeated listening, just to appreciate every nuance of the complexities of the performances....

SERGEY LETOV, VLADIMIR GOLOUKHOV, OLESYA ROSTOVSKAYA At 9 P.M. after Lockdown Artes Mirabiles AM210014 DSD64/128/256/512/DXD (PDF)


At 9 P.M. after Lockdown: Improvisation Q&A Olesya Rostovskaya on April 2, 2021


November 30, 2021 8pm Moscow. Club-club (Pokrovsky boulevard 6/20)