Richardas Norvila

Richardas Norvila

Richardas Norvila, Dr.Phil.

An Alchemist, practices philosophy, psychology and arts

b.1961 in Lithuania, works and lives in Moscow


06.10.2017 – my Performance at Symposium in Salzburg. Music from Human Blood.

The performance "Blood" of the "Po.V.S.Tanze" dance company is among the nominees for the prestigious Russian Theatre Award
"Golden Mask 2017". The Soundtrack is by Richardas Norvila. It's partly made from the blood of the performers transformed into sound.
This experience is unique not only in the practice of soundtracks making, but also in the tradition of an avant-garde culture in general.

Richardas Norvila – 'Music For The Leap Year' – 366 new musical compositions in 2016

Richardas Norvila – 'Music For The Leap Year' on Blogspot

Richardas Norvila – 'Leap Year Live' – 12 Performances in 2016

Richardas Norvila - Philosophical Diary – A New Book

Benzo Single - Cry of Love 2015 – out now on Bandcamp

Diary of an Alchemist/Alchemiko Dienoraštis Benzo/Richardas Norvila performs @ Enter Festival (Shiauliai/LT) on 22th of May 2015

Benzo single – Metro Train Song – out now on Water & Sand Productions

Richardas Norvila book "Divided Silence" released @ ;paranoia publishing group ltd – book available in Russian and Estonian languages, English edition will be added later this year

Ultrashort Plays – a Set of Microdramas

Selected Works:

2015 – Eshak – Gerai

2015 – Richardas Norvila – Ahimsa

2012 – Benzo –

2012 - Solitude - a Piece for Piano, Strings and Sounds in 16 parts

2011 - Leaves in the Wind: A Japanese Requiem - a electroacoustic composition

Performances for booking:

Benzo – ""

Philosophical and Psychological Papers:

Individual Philosophical Seminar

Alchemy of ordinary Life (Russian)

Grottotherapy (Russian)

Grottotherapy (English)

Literature (in Russian):

Divided Silence

Divided Silence – Addendum

The War that has not always been

Ultra short Plays

Baumanskaya – 11 Months of Sleep

Visuals and Photography:


Logos for sale


Moscow Art Poloroids


The News

Fallen Leaves

Personal Underground:

Autumn Leaves - work in progress

Last Keys:

Bandcamp page for Benzo recordings

Bandcamp page for Eshak works

Feel the Time – A Richardas Norvila Interview for Room For

Mixcloud page for Richardas Norvila, Benzo and Eshak works – to listen in the mix

Eshak Page on Facebook

20.12.2014 - Benzo "" performance at Bunker/Arma17 Event/Moscow/RU

Benzo Page on Facebook

Water & Sand Productions – A Label for Richardas Norvila Works

Richardas Norvila/Benzo – "Modern Archaic" - Talk with Levan Kelendzheridze "on page.42"

Benzo performance "" rehearsal video

Richardas Norvila/Benzo appearence in Elektro Moskva, a Film by Elena Tikhonova and Dominik Spritzendorfer

Richards Norvila/Benzo on "The Morning Line - Vienna Festival for Spatial Sound and Advanced Music Composition 2012":

- a new composition "Solitude" (commissioned by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary) as part of TML Installation

- a new Benzo show "" - TML sound system version

- "The Lost Beauty of Disco" TML edition- One hour DJ Set on the Festival After-party


Richardas Norvila (directing, script and production) - "Taburetka" – Theatrical Performance - "New European Theatre" Festival, Moscow 02. - 03.12.2008

Benzo - "Moscow and the Sea" - a Videoplay "Territorija" Festival,  Moscow 04.10.2008 - Richardas Norvila (directing, script and production)

Benzo Mediapay - "Memory Traces Pt.2" at Wien Modern 2007
22.11.2007, Wien (commissioned by Wien Modern Festival) - Richardas Norvila (directing, script and production)

Benzo Mediaplay - "Memory Traces Pt.1" at Tesla, Berlin in Juni 2007
(commissioned by City of Berlin) - Richardas Norvila (directing, script and production) - feat. Oleg Kornev (video production)

Benzo at "Nokia Trends Lab - VIP Zone" - A Mediaplay "City Transformations" - 20.11.2007, Moscow - Richardas Norvila (directing, idea and production) – feat. InFront (video production), Anna Abalikhina – (choreographics)


At Still Unopened Place/Moscow 2016Richardas Norvila performs "Conversation with Dead Souls" – Music for The Leap Year – Tenth from Twelve Performances

At ART.WHO.ART Festival,/Moscow 2016 – Richardas Norvila performs "Khalnach/Ritual N9 as part of Po.V.S.Tance performance of the same name – Music for The Leap Year – Ninth from Twelve Performances

At Theatrical Centre "Na Strastnom"/Moscow 2016Richardas Norvila performs "Blind Doctor Mo (Anton Webern Variations)" as Part of "The Little Nails" Performance – Music for The Leap Year – Eight from Twelve Performances

At Noise and Furry Festival/DOM/Moscow 2016 – Richardas Norvila performs "Everything Inside You Is Real (Swans Variations)"– Music for The Leap Year – Seventh from Twelve Performances

At Central House of Artist/Moscow 2016 – Richardas Norvila performs "Dreams of a dervish in the lush garden (Concerto for imaginary audience, jinns and ghosts)" – Music for The Leap Year – Six from Twelve Performances

At Vermel/Moscow 2016 – Richardas Norvila performs "Letter to Ivan (For Ivan Sokolovsky)" – Music for The Leap Year – Fifth from Twelve Performances

At Shagi/Moscow 2016 Richardas Norvila performs "Smog over Moscow (Deep Purple Variations)" – Music for The Leap Year - Fourth from Twelve Performances

At Boyarskiye Palaty/Moscow 2016Richardas Norvila performs "Time machines 2016 (Coil Variations)" – Music for The Leap Year - Third from Twelve Performances

At DOM/Moscow 2016 – Richardas Norvila performs "Crippled Tears (Feldman Variations)"Music for The Leap Year - Second from Twelve Performances

At That is not here/Moscow 2016 – Richardas Norvila (aka Eshak) plays Muslimgauze - Azzazin Part IVMusic for The Leap Year - First from Twelve Performances

At Arma17/Bunker/Moscow 2014 - Benzo "" performance

at Avant Art Festival/Wroclaw 2013 – Benzo "" performance

at Festival for Spatial Sound and Advanced Music Composition/Vienna 2012 – Benzo "" performance

at P.10 Event/Moscow 2010 - "The Lost Beauty of Disco" DJ Set

at LandRover Show Case/Moscow 2010 – "WonderLand" DJ Set

at LandRover Show Case/Moscow 2009 – "Dandy Drives" DJ Set

at "Architekture of Movementl" Festival/Jaroslavl 2009 – "The Lost Beauty of Disco"  DJ Set

at "NET" Festival/Moscow 2008 – Taburetka/The Stool – a theatrical Performance

at "Territorija" Festival/Moscow 2008 – Moskva i More/Moscow and the Sea – a Videoplay and "The Lost Beauty of Disco" DJ Set

at "Lytchnoje Delo" Festival/Moscow 2008 – "The Lost Beauty of Disco" DJ Set

at Max/Siauliai 2008 – "The Lost Beauty of Disco" DJ Set

at "Diversia" Festival/Kostroma 2008 – "The Lost Beauty of Disco" DJ Set

at Nokia 9600 CT presentation /Krasnodar 2008 - "True Style" DJ Set"

at MasterCard X Anniversary/Moscow 2008 – "Music Box" DJ Set

at Nokia  Trends Lab/Moscow 2007 – "City transfotrmation" – a Mediaply

at "Wien Modern" Festival/Vienna 2007 – "Memory Traces Part II" – a theatrical Performance

at werkstatt_klangapparate3: das subharchord/Berlin 2007 - "Memory Traces Part I" – a theatrical Performance

at FreeLander II presentation/Moscow 2007 – as audio Style designer and "The Lost Beauty of Disco" DJ Set

at Nokia N95 presentation/Moscow 2007 – as audio Style designer and "True Style" DJ Set"

at Honda CR-V presentation/Moscow 2007 - as audio Style designer and "True Style" DJ Set"

at "Kontracom" Festival /Salzburg  2006 – "Medical Shadows" Performance

at "Donaufestival" /Krems - 2006 - "Medical Shadows" Performance

at "Minimax" Festival /Bratislava – 2005 - "Medical Shadows" Performance

at Maknite Event /Vienna – 2005  - "Empty Bodies" Performance  

at "Transmediale" Festival /Berlin – 2005 "Medical Shadows" Performance

at "NokiaLab Selected" Festival /Moscow -2004 – a "Moscow Spam Club" Performance

at "NokiaLab" Festival /Moscow - 2004 – "Colours of my Country" Performance

at "Jauna Muzika" Festival/Vilnius – 2004 – "Four Seasons" Performance

at Secession/Vienna – 2004 – "The Noise of White in Red and Blue" Performance

at Laton Days in Moscow/Moscow - 2002 – "You know…" Performance

at "Avanto" Festival /Helsinki – 2002 – "U Kostra/At the Kampfire" Performance

at "Prototype" Festival/Theis– 2002 – "Telephone Call" Performance

at "Phonotaktik" Festival/Vienna – 2002 – "What I'm doing here/" Performance

Richardas Norvila

Music For Stage Plays:

The House, The Tree, The Way by Po.V.S. Tance, Electrotheatre (Work in Progres)

Arc de Triomphe by Erich Maria Remarque Directed by Lev Rakhlin (Premiere May 2017)

It's like This by Po.V.S. Tance, Electrotheatre (Premiere April 2017)

Oranges and Lemons (based on "Hay Fever" by Noël Peirce Coward) Directed by Evgeny Pisarev

Kontora by Jakov Lomkin, Pavel Novikov Production (This version of Kontora will be not realized theatrically).

The Players by N. Gogol Directed by Slava Tistchuk, Free Scene, Moscow 2016

Little Nails by Po.V.S. Tance, Theatrical Centre "Na Strastnom", Moscow 2015

Blood by Po.V.S.Tance Boyarskiye Palaty, Moscow 2015

Stolen by the Universe by A. Alberts Modern Theatre, Moscow 2014

William Shakespeare vs. Jakov Lomkin The Taming of the Shrew Satirikon Theatre, Moscow 2014

P. Notte Deux petites dames vers le Nord by V.Ageev vs N.Arakcheeva Pushkin Theatre, Moscow 2013

Eduardo De Filippo La grande magia by E.Pisarev Pushkin Theatre, Moscow 2012

A.R. Gurney Love. Letters by J.Menshova, Pushkin Theatre, Moscow 2011

E.Narshi In a Dead Poets Society by A.Ogarev Drugoi Teatr, Moscow 2009

M.Frisch Santa Cruz Directed by V.Ageev Drugoi Teatr, Moscow 2009

Ch.Dickens The Pickwick Club Directed by E.Pisarev MKHAT Theatre, Moscow 2009

P.Marker Closer Directed by E.Novikova Mejerkhold Tzenter, Moscow 2008

JS Albatros Dance Directed by O.Topoliansky, MKHAT Theatre, Moscow 2007

A.Abalikhina, D.Xusein In the Place of My Dream Directed by A.Abalikhina, D.Xusein The Theatre of the Nation, Moscow 2006

A.Alberts A.Konnikova Coloured Dreams of the White Donkey Directed by A.Alberts, The Nationality Theatre, Moscow 2006

A.Sukhovo-Kobylin Tarelkins Death Directed by A.Kazantzev, The Kazantzev/Rostchin Tzenter, Moscow 2005

N.Vorojbit Galka Motalko Directed by E.Novikova The Kazantzev/Rostchin Tzenter,

Moscow 2005

V.Gombrovitch Ivona, kneginja burgundska Directed by J.Urnov, The Nationality Theatre, Moscow 2005

K.Dragunskaja Together – the manifestation of love Directed by O.Subbotina, DK im Zueva Moscow 2005

Presniakoff Brothers Polovoje Pokrytije (The Floor Covering) Directed by O.Subbotina, The Kazantzev/Rostchin Tzenter, Moscow 2004

N.Erdman Samoubijtza (The Suicide) Directed by J.Urnov, The Lunatchiarsky Theatre, Penza 2004

V.Sorokin Dostoevski Trip Directed by J.Urnov, Krasnij Fakel Theatre, Novosibirsk 2003

S.Larsson I.O. Directed by K.Serebrennikoff, V.Vysotzky Tzenter, Moscow 2003

Aristofan Lisistrata Directed by J.Urnov, Krasnij Fakel Theatre, Novosibirsk 2003

Presniakoff Brothers Terrorism, Directed by K.Serebrennikoff, MKHAT Theatre, Moscow 2002

E.M.Coltess Roberto Zukko, Directed. By V.Senin, Mejerkhold Tzenter, Moscow 2002

M.Kurotchkin In the Eyes Apple , Directed by J.Urnov, Pushkin Theatre, Moscow 2002

M.Ravenhill Explicit Poloroids, Directed by K.Serebrennikoff, Pushkin Theatre, Moscow 2002

Music For Contemporary Dance Performances :

A.Alberts, A.Konnikova (feat. Andrei Andrianov) The Ark PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company 2017

A.Alberts, A.Konnikova (feat. Richardas Norvila) Khalnach/Ritual N9 PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company 2016

Konstantin Grouss Inappropriate texts The house-museum of Marina Tsvetaeva, Moscow 2015

A.Alberts, A.Konnikova The Beetles PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company 2014

A.Alberts, A.Konnikova STOP! Virus of Unknown Dance PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company 2013

A.Konnikova Travel Diary – Solo Performance 2013

A.Konnikova Shoom Zo PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company 2013

A.Alberts, My Father Is Rambo PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company 2010

A.Alberts, A.Konnikova OmMerikOm PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company 2010

A.Alberts, A.Konnikova Touch PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company 2009

A.Alberts, A.Konnikova M23 PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company 2009

A.Alberts, A.Konnikova Probability Practice or 0.07 m3 of Vacuum PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company 2008

A.Alberts, A.Konnikova Nights and Days PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company 2008

A.Alberts, A Konnikova Owen & Mzi, PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company, Moscow 2007

A.Alberts, A Konnikova Past Continuous, Dialogue Dance (Kostroma), Kostroma-Moscow, 2006

A.Alberts, A Konnikova Fifth Season, Jocka Jock Dance Company, Kenya 2005

E.Andrianova Crossword of Love, solo performance St.Petersburg 2005

E.Andrianova Sjezd Razjezd, Lesnoj Dom Theatre St.Petersburg 2005

A.Alberts, A Konnikova 3petix, PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company 2005

A.Alberts, A Konnikova Juice with Ice, PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company 2004

A.Alberts, A Konnikova, E.Gorda «&», PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company, Moscow 2003

A.Alberts Body Leaves, PO.V.S.Tanze Dance Company, Moscow 2002

Saira Blanche Theater The Last Videotape – a dance performance, based on S.Becketts Piece Krapps Last Band ( concept, soundtrack and live Electronics – R.Norvila), Moscow-Vienna 2001/02

Plantacia Dance Company Sam.Back and Go – a dance performance, based on S.Becketts Piece Come and Go ( concept, soundtrack and live electronics – R.Norvila), Moscow 2000

Plantacia Dance Company/ Internat ABC Zunduk (live electronics – R.Norvila), Moscow 1999 Plantacia Dance Company Mnie Vsio Jasen, Moscow 1999

Selected Discographie:

As Richardas Norvila:


As Eshak:


With SA ZNA:

With SA ZNA/F.R.U.I.T.S. :

With “Jerjy and Petruchio”:

With S.Letov/A.Borisov:


Tracks on Compilations:

Alois Huber / Benzo – Sit Dub / Rubber Weights (DJ Sotofett Drum Version)(LATON 063/AT)

Viva Negativa! A Tribute to the New Blockaders Vol. I Europe (aufabwegen aatp 28/GER)

TESLA: werkstatt_klangapparate (edition-rz 2005/GER) 2009 – BENZO Performance "Memory Traces Pt.1"

NEW BLOCKADERS: Viva Negativa Vol.1 (VOD 24/GER) 2005

NEW BLOCKADERS: Viva Negativa Vol.2 (VOD 25/GER) 2005


PROTOTYPE: Arnaments and Armatures Against Electronic Music (Laton 025/AU) 2002

AVANTO Helsinki Media Art Festival/2002 CD – Avantometric Attachments


DITCH AVANGARDA: a cross-cultural compilation vol.1 (IVBCD07/RU) 2001


Original Soundtracks:

Stalpovskaya/Troitzkij YOU I LOVE/Я тебя люблю Dir. by Stalpovskaya/Troitzkij Russia 85 min 2004

shown at Panorama/Berlinale 2004

Stolpovskaya, O. 3 bogatyrya Dir. by O.Stolpovskaya Russia (TV) 2002

Selected Interviews:

Richardas Norvila/Benzo – "Modern Archaic" - Talk with Levan Kelendzheridze "on page.42"

Heavy Mental Issues – Benzo talks with AGF

Feel the Time – A Richardas Norvila Interview for Room For

In “Special Radio”: Ричардас Норвила - Электронное Сердце

TV SHOW "ART STUDIJA" 2008: Interview with media artist Richardas Norvila


Benzo info and forum on MySpace:

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