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Djellaba, Macintosh and The Naked Body

Sergey Letov's Performance with

Andrei Suchilin and Alexandr Pillaev (music), Anna Zapolskaya (Body Art), naked dancers and models

Naked Dancer Sveta Moskvina and Sergey Letov with baritone saxophone

The first performance of The Djellaba, 2 Macintoshes and The Naked Body took place at Moscow Internet-cafe Screen 27 of December 1997 and was shown directly in RealVideo. Later performance was shown at Moscow night clubs , at The Central House of Artist and Moscow House of Composer (Alternativa Festival).


Sergey Letov - saxophones, flute, Alexandr PIllaev - electric guitar, computer, Andrey Suchilin - electric guitar, Power Macintosh computer, keyboards, vocoders.

Naked dancers:

Sveta Moskvina (naked), Vera Vassilyeva (body painted)

Naked models:

Olga Lapina, Anna Kormilitsyna and others

Video and slide projections:

Anna Koleichuk


The action starts with electronic music by Macintosh computers and guitars, video, slide projections. Since 5-7 minutes Sergey Letov appears on stage in Morocco white suite, called 'Djellaba' . 10 minutes later naked dancers and body-painted dancers appears. 1 hour of totally improvised activities on stage.

Author's Commentary:

Djellaba or Jellaba- is a suite (Moroccan Arabic جلابة), MACINTOSH - in Russian usage means suite also, but what can a female respond to all these masculine things, devices and inventions? - Only Her Naked Body!

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